About Us

The Ellis Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC), is one of more than 160 CWJC sites across America (including 4 international sites) that provide job skills, social skills, and help build self-worth in women needing a second chance.  Locally, CWJC’s training program is enhanced by women who serve as mentors, and commit to a one-on-one relationship with a participant.

One of the unique offerings in CWJC’s training and mentoring program is the inclusion of Bible study. The Bible study curriculum is presented in a way that focuses on God’s love for each woman, no matter their background or life circumstances.

There are two 16 week sessions each year.  One in the Fall and one in the Spring.  The schedule is based on the Waxahachie school district calendar. Classes are held 4 days a week.  Level 1 classes are Tuesday thru Thursday and Level 2 classes are held on Mondays.

Our Staff

Executive Director
Kathryne Boroughs

Site Coordinator
Lauri Henderson

Financial Management
Patsy Hall

Advisory Council

At-large members

John Horton
Sandi Tidwell
Rita Warrick
Kelly Spinks
Mike Gilchrist
Patsy Hall

Ex-oficio members

Kathryne Boroughs
Lauri Henderson
Richard Cody